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Email CleanUp 1.0


Email CleanUp 1.0

Download Email CleanUp 1.0 now.

This is a small program to remove those annoying ">" symbols in your email message.

The text below is about the same as the Help File.txt given in the zip file.

This program does not need installation. It runs in Windows 2000.

I haven't tried other Operating Systems.

After getting feedback from people, we now know that it can run

in Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

You can immediately take one of the 3 sample messages and
experiment with the program.


For convenience, I have added "Email to Clean Up 1.txt"

to this website. Take a look. In the following steps,

I will take you through the workings of this program.

Just copy and paste your email message into a new CleanUp document,
and choose:
Edit > Remove ">"

This is the result after the removal operation.

Furthermore, if you would like to join up all the broken text in the message,
Edit > Compact ...

Three levels of Compacting can be used.

If your message is more of an informal notes style,
Edit > Compact - Low (for notes)

The outcome.

If your message is written as a story,
Edit > Compact - High (for story)

The final result.

After this, copy an paste your message back into your email program.
For Outlook 2002, choose:
Edit > Edit Message.
Unfortunately, Outlook Express doesn't allow you to edit its messages.
After pasting your message in, save your message inside your email program.

I'm afraid this is not a perfect program,
as you can't have the best of both worlds.
If your message contains a mixture of notes and story,
both types cannot be compacted perfectly at the same time.

However, my suggestion is that you open 2 new documents,
pasting your message into each one.
"Tile" your "Windows".
For the first window, choose:
Edit > Compact - Low (for notes)
For the second window, choose:
Edit > Compact - High (for story)

You can then selectively copy and paste back into your email program.

If the Email CleanUp program asks you whether you want to
save the document, just click "No".

This program was written by:
Winston Ho Wing Long
National University of Singapore (NUS)
Electrical Engineering 3rd Year
Copyright (C) 2003
This program comes with 3 sample email messages:
Email to Clean Up 1.txt
Email to Clean Up 2.txt
Email to Clean Up 3.txt
As well as : Help File.txt

This program is freeware. I know freeware are generally useless,
because you get what you pay for, but I strongly recommend
this program. Try it! You are free to distribute this program.

But if you really HAVE to pay, because you liked
this program so much, you can send a dollar to
a charity organization of your choice.
Do send me an email once you've done that.


If you have any comments or suggestions,

please send me an email. Actually, the reason why I made

this program is so that I could earn "Independent Study Points"

(ISP) for my Electrical Engineering course. (Thus, I am

waiting for compliments from all of you.)

Adulteration and abuse of this program together
with the accompanying files is punishable
to the greatest extent under international law.


Some users' comments


Its perfect. It completely revolutionises the way i

view my emails. in the past i find it a pain in a neck

to read emails with those annoying symbols, but with

the help of your ingenious program they r gone. bravo.

bravo. (would these compliments get u a distinction

for your project? do treat me coffee if they do k?;))

Thank you for this program. I will definitely log in to try it out and use if for my future forwarding.
Your Email Cleanup is a neat program esp if i want to forward emails w/o those ">>" in them. 


Please send your comments and suggestions to me at

Author: Winston Ho Wing Long
Website updated 2003-08-28