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Signals Related:

  DSPGuru Digital Processing Centralresource-sharing among DSP designers
compression source for a data files, speech, images and video

Magazines and Papers
 Global DSP MagazineOn-line DSP Developers Magazines
IEEE Explorefull-text access to IEEE transactions, journals, magazines and conference proceedings since 1988 plus select
content back to 1950, and all current
IEEE Standards (Requires Technion proxy).
 EngNetBase - Engineering HandBooks online 
 Wiley PublishersAccess to full text journals, books, etc. in various fields (requires Technion proxy)
MathworldAn extensive mathematics esource

 BDTI - Independent DSP Analysis
Independent DSP Analysis  Optimized DSP Software
 Embedded Systems Conference 
 DSP Village
Texas Instruments central DSP support and knowledge base
 TI SemiConductor Products
Main DSP support link in Europe for universities
 Analog Devices
Analog Devices DSP support site
 Motorola Digital Signal Processors website for DSP engineers, students and researchers.

Specific Topics
 FFTWsubroutine library for computing the discrete Fourier transform (DFT)
H.264/AVC Software CoordinationH.264 / MPEG4-AVC Software Coordination
 Vcodex H.264 Tutorial White Papers 
 MPEG org - MPEG pointers and Resourcess
MPEG Pointers and Resources
MPEG Home Page
Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) Homepage
MPEG-4 Industry Forum
Industrial upadtes and news for MPEG-4


NIDCD- Audio
- Hearing
- Human auditory systems


OGG vs MP3 vs WMA vs RA
- Audio compression- Ogg-Vorbis (OGG)- Panos Stokas audio compression site


 The MathWorks
Matlab & Simulink Main Web site
 Omikron Delta
Matlab & Simlink - Israel distributor & support
 Introduction to Matlab
Technion students Matlab book - in Hebrew
 Intel Performance  Libraries - IPP
Intel's optimized libraries for Pentium (DSP, Speech, Image, Video and more
Hidden Markov Model Toolkit for building and manipulating hidden Markov models (for speech recognition etc.)
 VCDemo - Image and     Video
Compression Learning Tool
VcDemo is an interactive image and video compression free-ware software package for Windows
 LDC - Linguistic Data Consortium
Language-related  resources: databses, tools and standards.


Signal Processing and Systems Seminar
A Forum of Technion's Electrical Engineering department
The Pixel Club
A colloquium forum of Technion's Computer Science and Electrical Engineering departments to introduce new problems and solutions in computer vision, image processing and computer graphics.


Other Laboratories
 Mitsubishi Electronic Research
MPEG-4, MPEG-7 and related activities.


NIST Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
Hebrew Dictionary and Thesaurus
Technical Dictionary
Hebrew - English and English - Hebrew Technical dictionary



Graphics Related:


Israel Computer Vision  The Central Israel SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter  The Technion Center for Intelligent Systems
Vision and Image Science Lab Technion - Dept. of Electrical Engineering  Signal and Image Processing Lab Technion - Dept. of Electrical Engineering   Computer Vision People at Tel Aviv University
Computer Vision Lab The Hebrew University   Computer Vision at the Weizmann Institute of Science  Image Processing Lab at Ben Gurion University

Computer Graphics on the Web


Robotics on the Web


Computer Vision on the Web


Vision Related:

Research Centers

Computer Vision & Image Processing

Computer Graphics

ITS - Intelligent Transportation Systems

Digital Video & Digital Cameras

Pattern Recognition

Face Detection & Recognition and Neural NetworksWavelets

Internal Resources and Databases


External Resources and Ddatabases


Signal & image processing

  • 044130 - Signals and systems
  • 044198 - Introduction to digital signal processing (MAVLAS)
  • 044202 - Random signals
  • 046201 - Introduction to random signal processing
  • 046200 - Introduction to image processing and analysis (ANAT)
  • 236860 - Digital image processing
  • 048860 - Image processing
  • 048745 - Digital signal processing
  • 236861 - Numerical geometry of images
Computer and biological vision
  • 046332 - Auditory and visual systems
  • 046326 - Introduction to biological signal and systems
  • 048873 - Computer vision
  • 236873 - Computer vision
Neural networks & optimization
  • 236941 - Neural networks
  • 046197 - Computational methods in optimization
Medical imaging
  • 336502 - Introduction to medical imaging
  • 336504 - Principles of NMR in medical imaging
  • 336325 - Principles of ultrasound in medical imaging
Computer graphics & vision
  • 046345 - Computer graphics
  • 049003 - Selected topics in computer graphics: Visualization and animation
  • 236373 - Image synthesis
  • 236719 - Computational geometry
  • 236716 - Geometric modelling