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Thursday, 8 July 2010

My Recent Letters in The Straits Times Forum

ST Forum
Jun 22, 2010

WITH improvements in technology, the brightness of car headlights has increased tremendously. Excessively bright headlights blind other road users and prevent them from seeing things that are less illuminated, causing accidents.

I urge the Land Transport Authority to put in place stricter regulations to curb the headlight brightness of especially imported cars.

Winston Ho Wing Long

ST Forum
Apr 16, 2010

I REFER to last Saturday's report, 'SMRT stations to get new faregates'.

I am pleased that SMRT is installing faregates with more sensors, which will stay open while commuters go through and close only when they have passed.

We should follow Japan's example. Commuters there flash their cards and walk through gates that do not close. This saves electricity. The gates close only when someone tries to walk through without a card. And even if they close, they do not pinch and hurt commuters. Instead, they close like a normal swing door.

Winston Ho Wing Long